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Blowin' Boston - Big Crank

It's been 4 days since he's nutted, so when Boston drops by this night he's ready for action. Stripped in the bedroom, Boston watches a favorite porno and gently strokes his nicely-curved boner, then when he stands at the end of the bed I make my move and take his hard cock in my mouth. After blowing Boston and getting him near the edge several times I stroke out his creamy load onto my chest.


Barebackin Buzz #3 - No Place Like Home

Buzz looks a mite beefier than I remember him (married life agrees with him?) and he's sporting several new tattoos (still a rebel!). After we shoot the bull for a time we head to the bedroom where Buzz strips down and zeros in on the porno flick. When I move in and start sucking his cock he responds quickly and swells up in my mouth. Soon he's on his knees waiting for me to fuck his ass and after lubin' up my big cock I stick it in deep. Buzz rides my bare cock as he mimics the actions in the flick and in no time he makes me bust my nut on his ass. I start blowin Buzz again and as he pushes my head down on his cock he explodes in my mouth and all over my face. Absence does make the cock grow harder - and go deeper!


Bad Boyz Club - Cory

Cory has just played a tough game of ice hockey with his friends and now he's stripped down in my bedroom working his 7+ inches. He wants to stroke off quick and join his girlfriend at the mall but I make him hold for a few more minutes. I finally let him bust and Corey spills a huge 2-day nut on his chest. When I try to massage his balls he pushes my hand away and barks ''No! Don't touch!''.


Tony: Unleashed - Welcome Home

Tony talks about his prison experience and downs a few beers as the porn flick starts. As soon as I touch him his cock gets hard and I can feel it growing more in my mouth. He can't remember how long it's been since he had his dick sucked. As he watches me blowing him he scoots forward on the chair and in a flash I'm eating his beautiful virgin ass. I start to stroke my cock and Tony starts to lick his lips as we go to the next level. Soon he's sucking my cock nice and slow and as things get more intense we both blow huge loads as we rub our cocks together. See what a little time up the river will do?


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