My name is Vinnie Russo. Welcome to my website!!! For the past few years, I have been ''Chief Bottle Washer'' of Sneek Peek Videos, I take my job very seriously: To introduce real straight guys to the joys of busting a nut with another guy.  I have made an art of seducing these boys and got pretty damned good at it. I stand on my record .

I have been getting emails from our fans for a long time complaining that they join sites that claim they have 'real straight guys' but are always disappointed when they join. Well you can be sure that won't happen here.

So I have decided it was time for me to share my huge collection of videos with you on this site. Take some time, browse around, then sign up and check out my hot guys.

After picking out some new porno for the session, Enrique quickly sheds his threads and strokes up his cock. I trade places with him on the chair and he swoops down and starts to suck my cock. You want me to eat your ass tonight? I ask and he replies Yeah, and I want you to nut on my butt. We get down on the floor and when I mount him from behind he slides back and forth on my cock. I flip him around and start a cock fight that ends with both of us bustin at the same time! That was good! he says.  
In this next scene, Tony is still looking for the girls. As a matter of fact he wants to be Vinny's little brother Tony Russo and become a casting agent for Sneek Peek Productions! When he strips down to his wife beater t-shirt and boxers, Tony looks like he just stepped out of an episode of The Sopranos. Soon enough I'm stroking his hard cock and when I start giving him some deep-throat sucking he begins to watch himself in the bedroom mirror. I just can't resist watching Tony's beautiful face those dark eyebrows - and I love how hard he gets in my mouth! While he stands watching the porn video he really gets into it and starts fucking my mouth like it's some bitch's ass! After I work his cock over for a time he blows a huge load on my face. Did I tell you how much I like Italian sausage?
Cory and Paulie meet at my crib and shoot the bull as I pop in a porno and pass around a cigarette. In no time they shed the threads and start to pull on their puds. Cory is already hard but it takes Paulie a while to stiffen up. Wasting no time, I get down between them to lube up their rods and begin the service. Paulie responds with his usual glee and Cory tries to ignore me as I switch off bobbing on their cocks. Cory is the first to spill his load on my lips then Paulie follows with his own sticky mess.
Pluggin' Enrique
Views: 4,452
Tony - Third Visit
Double Trouble 3
Views: 4,907
Dino strips down, hops on my bed and begins to pull on his meat. When his cock is standing at full attention and flopping on his stomach Dino leans back and puts his hands behind his head - that's my cue! I kneel between his legs and start stroking his massive piece as he watches the porn. I can't resist tasting it and I start by licking the head of his cock then taking as much of it as I can down my throat. It doesn't take long for the moaning to start and soon Dino is shooting on my face and down my throat. I clean up the mess and see that his cock is still hard so I start sucking it again, taking it all the way down. A minute later he blows another creamy load in my mouth! Wow! I like the way this Marine deploys his weapon!  
The first thing Cory wants to do is take a dip in the pool – naked of course! He spends a little time cavorting about and riding on an inflatable water bike before heading inside. Later Cory strips down and settles in his favorite chair to watch a porno flick. He quickly responds when I head down between his legs and start to service his now rigid cock. I take out my own fat rod to engage in a cock fight with Cory and in no time we’re both busting huge creamy loads.
Buzz is trying to escape from his girlfriend again and so he drops in to watch some porno. I have him strip down and it doesn’t take long for him to get hard as he strokes. It looks like Buzz is ready so I move in and kneel between his legs and lick the shaft and head as I swallow his cock. I start a cock fight with him as he watches me intently and when I stand up Buzz grabs my huge cock and starts to suck it. I go back to servicing him and in no time he spews out an awesome load as I lick up the remains. After cleaning him up he is still hard so I suck it a little more before he dresses to leave.
Dino - Double Duty
Views: 3,775
Cory's Big Adventure
Views: 5,987
Unreleased Footage
Views: 2,013
After a week of no sex, Buzz stops by for some relief after an afternoon of shopping for street duds. He strips down in the bedroom and I go straight for it. Buzz watches me as I take his rod down my throat and I work him till he begins squirming around and explodes on my lips. “How was that?” I ask. “Pretty good!” Buzz mumbles. Duh!  
Franco had been in the big house for a couple months when he arrived this day (needing some $$?). Franco heads to the bedroom and is naked on my bed watching porn as the scene starts. I kneel down between his legs and start to suck on his fat tool. I bring him to the edge several times but he's determined to bust and finally lays a load on my tongue and in my mouth. I continue to suck his cock dry and Franco is still hard as he dresses...
While Cory scans the new porno for a good scene, he strokes his cock until its rock hard. I pounce on it hungrily and as he chews his gum Cory’s muscular stomach starts to heave and he pumps a huge load on my tongue and lips. What a mess!
Views: 37,567
Money For Nuttin
Views: 45,115
Controling The Squirt
Views: 58,774
Rock climbing fanatic CALEB works as a med tech. Sexy tattoos and a furry chest accent his Syrian/Portuguese good looks. He’s very expressive as he jerks his cock and squirts a creamy load on his stomach.  
Sneek Peek's first ''pussy'' makes a screen debut as my new Bengal cat ''Bacci'' helps Paulie pick out a porno flick for his session. After stripping down to his tight hairy body, Paulie strokes and massages his cock to attention before I approach and lube it up. I play with him for a while then make my move and go down on him. He's surprised at first but he gets into it right away and soon he's lovin' it! As I suck his cock Paulie squirms and makes some classic faces (remember Tony?) and gets totally into it. Soon he's biting his lip and shooting a massive load. As I'm cleaning him up I say ''Thanks for coming over!''. Paulie replies ''Thank YOU!'' and gives a thumbs up.
After shedding his superman boxers, Cory reclines on the bed and lets me suck his cock. As he works the remote he forces my head down hard on his cock and blows his load down my throat.
Stroke It Straight - Caleb
Views: 39,122
Paulie's First Blowjob
Views: 54,867
Cory Short & Sweet
Views: 29,257
It's been 3 months since I've seen Jedi. He's been in the big house where his hair got longer, he got more muscular from working out, and so missed Vinnie's services! Even before I have a chance to turn on the camera he's waiting on my bed with his enormous cock in his hand. I swoop down on it, sucking like a child with a big lollipop. Jedi lays back and savors every moment, grabbing my head and making me lick his balls and ass. Soon he unleashing a truck load of hot jizm down my throat and I eat up every last bit of it.  
This is Kyle, a 6' 2'', 225 lbs. weightlifter who I met at a Local Gym (admiring himself in the mirror). Kyle comes over for an interview to be in my next porno flick...? He's nervous and asking lots of questions about the porn business but Kyle plays with his cock thru his jeans as we ''Shoot da Shit'' and get aquainted. I manage to get him started jerking off for me so I can see what he's got to offer... After Kyle plays with hmself and a penis pump he wants Vinnie to measure his cock - I stroke it up to 7.5''...''WoW!'' I say to put him a ease then as I start sucking him you can see him just watching me ...thinking about???? (Keep in mind I met this kid about an hour before this took place!) Kyle tells me he's not comfortable with the oral so I back off and let him finish himself off with a huge nut that he shoots on my rug!
On this visit, he has the new sweatband thing going on and you can tell he's been working out when he flexes his body for the camera. Billy works himself up nice and hard then I do that thing that I do so well. He really gets into it this time and grabs my head and fucks my mouth. Billy lets me get some shots of his tight ass this time around. After I bring him close a few times he shoots a nice big load on my face. People have noticed that I tend to blush a little now whenever I go near a deli meat counter.
Return Of Jedi
Views: 31,466
Kyle - Part 1
Views: 59,279
Get It Str8 #2 - Billy
Views: 60,232
Dante shows up on my doorstep after his recent release from prison and when I ask him when his last blowjob was he claims a month (was that before parole?). ''You're the best man for blowjobs!'' Dante says as he starts to strip down for the session. He's already rock hard when he leans back and lets me chow down on his cock. I feel it throbbing in my mouth as I bring him close several times until finally he moans and grunts out a monster load with most of it going down my throat. While Dante shows off his cute hairy butt I take out my own cock to compare to his and he's surprised at the size. Dante dresses and I turn off the camera but while Dante is in the bathroom I move the camera to the bedroom and turn it back on. ''Come here for a minute!'' I say and I drop my pants and sit on the bed. Soon Dante is next to me, rubbing my balls and jerking my cock. I whisper to him to suck on the head a little and he does, giving his best effort and soon I'm spilling a load in Dante's hand. ''Wow!'' Dante says. Ditto!  
When Buzz complains about the hair around his nipples I grab my razor and give them a trim, leaving untouched his cute little happy trail. I grab his cock thru his boxer briefs and feel it growing. Like blowjobs? I ask. Yeah! he says. Duh! Buzz is transfixed on the porno flick as I go to work on his throbbing piece, bringing him close several times. When I pull out my own hardening rod and make Buzz stroke it, he's a little unsure of what's happening. Is this the first cock you've ever touched? I ask. He nods. I don't want to freak you out. I say as I go back to eating his meat. Soon Buzz grabs my head and makes me suck his cock until he blows a big messy nut on my face and in my mouth. As I count out his pay I ask You're gonna come back next week, right? Yeah! he says.
Tonight Paulie seems all wired up, doing a little striptease dance as he undresses in the bedroom. When he relaxes on the bed I zoom the camera in on his hairy legs and ass as he strokes up a boner. Paulie jerks his cock while he watches the porno and makes those emotive faces as he thrashes about the bed. After working his cock hard and long he squeezes out a nut on his stomach. Now thats a real fuzzy navel!
Doin' Dante
Views: 53,125
Buzz Shots #2 - Scene 2
Views: 42,876
Playin' With Paulie
Views: 39,523
Late in the night I find Cory stretched out on the sofa stroking his pole. I move close to his cock and give him a little help, stroking, sucking and playing with his sensitive “nether region”. No surprise when he busts a big one in my hand.  
This 19 year old freckled Irish laddie Ace seems unsure what to expect at first but he soon tunes into the porno flick and works his cock thru his shorts. He pulls off his shirt and then his boxers and out pops a 9.5” baseball bat! Ace uses both hands to bring himself to the edge and then shoots a massive load.
After four years of bouts with the law and occasional visits to my crib, Casey shows up on my doorstep all horned-up. After he strips his pants off and cues up a porno, he lets me service his rock-hard cock. I stroke and suck until Casey squirts out a nut on my lips. Just as Sweet!
Cory's Big Adventure
Views: 57,235
Stroke It Straight 4 - Ace
Views: 60,430
Casey Now
Views: 38,821
I met this straight auto mechanic while shopping at a local auto supply store. 21 years old, 5'8'' tall, 145 lbs., Buzz is French-Italian and “married” with three kids. Buzz has been at my crib before and knows all he has to do is pitch a tent and get naked to experience what his girlfriend doesn't (can't?) deliver - so I waste no time and go str8 down on his pole. I can't resist taking out my own stiffening rod and when I start a cock fight with Buzz it doesn't take long before I erupt all over Buzz’s shaft. I go back to work on his throbbing cock and soon I coax out his massive load on my lips.
For the last five years Enrique has been in and out of prison (and my life) so its no surprise that now he appears after a three month incarceration looking very mature. He works the remote as I start to suck his huge cock with my usual finesse and soon he’s unloading his baby batter on my tongue. Seasoned Flava!
C.J. wants to sleep over this time because his girlfriend threw him out of the house (did she learn about the other girl? or about me?). He sets up his bedding on the living room floor, gets naked and sprawls out. I get down between his legs and start stroking and sucking him as some funk blasts on the stereo. C.J. spews a load on my lips and I eat it up. My little marine is spent! Sleep tight!
Goin' Str8 Down - Buzz
Views: 45,025
Enrique Now
Views: 50,192
Bedtime Blowjob
Views: 43,786
Jedi hasn't gone back to prison yet so he pays me another visit. He quickly gets naked on my sofa and begins oiling up his monster cock. I pounce on it as soon as its hard and bury it in my throat. Jedi heads to the shower and begins soaping up, playing with his ass as he jerks his slippery cock. He's really turning me on so now I take out my own throbbing cock and jerk on it as I finger his asshole. Jedi begins moaning and soon we both are busting our nuts at the same time. HOT!  
Italian stud JEFF is a construction worker who likes off-roading and fly fishing. He shows off his nicely cut body while stroking his 7” cock and pumps out a nice load.
College jock Ethan agrees to being bound to the chair and as the he zones in on the moans from the porno flick he quickly get hard. I start jerking his cock and he responds to my double-fisted strokes so I start licking his shaft. I can tell he’s very excited and soon Ethan blows his load on my tongue.
Bonus Jedi
Views: 32,335
Stroke It Straight - Jeff
Views: 49,977
Straight Submission
Views: 53,213
While sitting at my computer, Zack finds the porno movie by that certain hotel heiress and gets right into it, jerkin' his lubed cock to it. He wants to finish off quick but I tell him to hold off and when he's ready to pop he stands and drops his load into his underwear. Zack lets me lick the head a little before he dresses.  
Cory is quiet today but anxious to bust his 3-day-old nut. While answering cell phone calls he manages to strip and bone up. I start munchin’ on his meat stick and when I scoot next to him on the sofa he starts to jerk on my cock. Cory blows a huge load in my hand as he continues to stroke me off. I think he likes it!
Paulie’s already naked and slapping his squirrel when I grab his cock and start to service him. I suck him for a while then Paulie blows his load on my face.
My Roomate Zack
Views: 46,235
Conquering Cory 2
Views: 25,477
Bad Boyz Club #5 - Paulie
Views: 29,213
Troy takes a short break to refocus and after I put a gay porno in the player he gets with the program. He's oisily?strokes his hard cock and delivers a nice creamy load for the camera…Podi ku vo?!  
Marshall hasn't nutted in a couple days so when he shows up for a sheduled session he quickly gets into it. His cock grows hard as I suck it and it doesn't take long for Marshall to send his warm creamy load down my throat.
We find out what's stressing Dylan - he needs money to pay child support or he's goin' back up the river... He's talkative today and it takes him a little time to get hard but soon I'm diving deep on his cock. He takes off all his clothes (I love his sexy, hairy thighs) and lets me work on him for a while but unfortunately he's taking too long to cum and... DRATS! the camera runs out of tape... Of course I'm too busy to notice...SORRY! It was good though... The next day I learn he's been picked up on a warrant for beating and robbing a guy (that's scary!). That, plus the child support - Well I guess it's Str8 To OZ for this one!
Troy Peirced & Private
Views: 39,685
Views: 47,187
Dylan - Last Visit
Views: 31,443
I didn't think I'd hear from him again but a few days later T.J. gives me a call and stops by (he's wearing the baseball cap I gave him the first time so I figure he's hooked). When he strips down in the bedroom he's already hard so I waste no time and dive down on it. I suck and jerk on his cock for a while, bringing him close several times. Sprawled back on the bed, he gets rock hard in my mouth and even lets me play with his ass! Watch how he grimaces and snarls his lip when he gets into it. But he's not ready to bust a nut in front of another guy so he waits 'till I leave the room and launches a huge load right on the bed! ''Oops!'' he says as I return and squeeze out the last drop of cum from his still-hard cock.  
Four college buddies are sitting around on the bed looking at porn magazines and enjoying their seasonal break. Bored and horny, there’s no girls around and so what happens with 4 horny cute white boys all together on one bed? Hey, nobody will know, and nobody will tell! So they get naked and start pairing up and swapping buddies. Scotty barebacks Bjorn, Reynaud barebacks Daniel. These boys really get into each other, and discover how good a buddy’s cock can feel pumping in and out of their ass. When things come to a climax, everyone has pearly white cum all over their faces and bodies and Reynaud finds his buddy’s cum quite tastey!
Paulie's horny again (whats up with the girlfriend?) and stops by for a visit. He strips down and strokes his cock til its hard and then I take over. I blow him hard and fast and when he's ready he busts in my mouth again. Wanna see Mr. Bill? I ask him. Get the fuck outta here! he says. Famous last words?
Workin' It - Part 2
Views: 58,135
Straight To Bareback
Views: 42,977
Playin' With Paulie
Views: 31,213
T.J. stops by after work and when you see him immediately pitch a tent you know he's ready...He's strokes his rock hard tool and then stands and fucks my mouth hard while I play with his balls...I stand and pull down my pants and T.J. takes my huge cock in his hand and starts to jerk me off...When he starts to go a little soft, I know he'd rather be fishing so I say That's o.k. kid, maybe next time.... After jerkin' his rod a few times he shoots a huge load on his chest! Baby steps here, next time the prize?  
Buzz has just gotten out of prison and he's a little quiet tonight because I didn't help to bail him out. But he hasn't busted in a few days and he's horny, so he's pullin' his pants off and strokin' it up at Vinnie's crib. ''You gonna let me fuck you a little tonight?'' I ask, ''Yeah!'' he says. I suck on his cock and then I start to work his ass, his legs go up and I lick and munch on his hole. I oil up Mr. Bill and we start dawgy-style on the floor then I flip him on his back and fuck him while I stroke his cock. Buzz blows his load as I blow my wad all over his cock. Man! That was one ''Cumming Home'' party!
Cory grabs the remote control, starts the porno flick and sheds his duds. He strokes up a boner and I move in with the lube and a helping hand. After an expert blowjob his tight little stomach starts to heave and he spews a yummy load.
TJ: The Next Level
Views: 22,035
Testing The Waters
Views: 20,767
Money For Nuttin' 4
Views: 37,223
This time Zack grabs the camera to film himself getting off. He enters our bathroom and starts stroking to the new Playboy as he catches himself in the mirror. Of course I'm watching the whole thing unfold and when I can't stand it any longer I step in and begin playing with his balls. Soon he lets me jerk on his cock as he films it all. A perfect time to take advantage of his occupied hands so I start to suck on his cock! He grunts and moans and plasters my face with him cum... That was SO worth waiting for!!  
Today is a hot, humid day and Cory stops by shirtless and eager to ''chill'' at my crib. He picks out a porno and when he drops his shorts and boxers he'salready rock hard. I lube up his cock and start sucking it deep while he chews his gum. He's ready to pop several times but I make him wait until finally I squeeze out a messy load from his throbbing cock.
Paulie's seems to be in a funky mood today but I know he's ready for a little slap and tickle. I pull off his shorts and go down on him as he watches the straight porno. After sucking on his cock for a while I pull out my own hard-on and begin a cock fight with him. I start to emit a little pre-cum and Paulie says Your leaking! so I pull away (he has a problem with another guy's cum touching him!?). I return to the task at hand and soon he starts twitching and biting his lip and unleashing a load in my mouth. That was good! Paulie exclaims.
Hooked On Zack
Views: 35,475
Cory's Chillin 'N' Willin
Views: 64,327
Blowin' Da Boyz 2 - Paulie
Views: 53,213

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